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My greatest inspirations for art and creativity came from watching my father create, write and photograph exceptional pieces of art. Passion for creativity came naturally to me and is undoubtedly a part of my DNA. When I saw the magic of my first image appear in the darkroom, a new world of art unfolded before me. Jim West my professor, mentor, friend, and an exceptional role model, awakened the photographer inside me.

Transforming Adversity into Art…

Why am I doing this? Stemming from a traumatic childhood, which led to weight issues, low self esteem, self harm, not being accepted, being constantly judged and suffering through an incurable endocrine disorder, was how I spent most of my life. Adversity became a well known friend, and I believed I was bound to it for life. The most difficult, and terrifying phase I had to endure was in September 2016, when I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. However, in my time of deepest and darkest despair I found my light. “The wound is where the light enters you”-Rumi. I found an unbound, unknown strength and power. I realized that, all I had been through in life was a blessing, not a hardship. I felt complete gratitude for every moment of pain and every shed tear. Until I was 36, I had just been existing and not living to my full purpose and potential. My greatest fear was, reaching the end of my life and having made no difference to people through my art, as I had always dreamed.

As I honored my struggles, I found that some of the most extraordinary people I met were those who had been through unimaginable pain and had come out on the other side much stronger and much more alive, much like myself! I wanted to honor and celebrate their pain, because our struggles are the reason we are victorious. Every face has a story to tell, every hardship needs to be honored, and it was then that I realized my life’s purpose~ Transforming Adversity into Art, one story at a time.

For my own creative expression, I paint and do fine art photography. I strive to capture visually pleasing, unique compositions through the use of shadow, light and negative space. Always attempting to create an emotional, intriguing response.

On a lighter note, I'm a true believer in spreading abundant love and kindness. Hugs, hugs and more hugs please. Chocolate is a phenomenal thing. Always humbled by the support of my amazing friends and family. Boxing is my drug, and I'm the girl version of Rocky- “It’s not how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” -RB